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Certification is available through both engaging live workshops and convenient online e-courses: 

 Click here for information on online certification

Click here for more information on live Thermal Palms workshops and a current schedule. 

Note: Thermal Palms is a registered trademark and anyone wishing to use the name in public advertising campaigns must be certified as a Thermal Palms practitioner. See FAQs for more info. 


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"I took the class because it involved heat. I love heat. After only a few practice massages, they feel very comfortable in my hands... almost like an extension of my hands. The techniques flow effortlessly and depending on the type of work I do, I use either hand and it’s just as easy. My customers are thoroughly amazed and impressed. They are addicted! I’ve never used hot stones to do a treatment, but as far as Thermal Palms are concerned, they are now my main modality!"

Robin Campbell, L’Orignal, ON, Canada

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