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Thermal Palms

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Thermal Palms® are a great alternative to hot stone massage. They are soft hand-held heat modalities which provide long lasting heat as they cushion and protect bone during massage. Explore the site and find out how this innovative new heat modality can save your body, boost your income and make your clients feel great. 

Thermal Palms are safe on bony areasThermal Palms Mold to the Contours of The Body: Even the most angular regions receive deep penetrating heat.

Massage with Long-Lasting Heat: Two Thermal Palms can provide enough heat to massage the entire musculature of the back for a half-hour treatment and as few as four Thermal Palms can complete a sixty-minute massage treatment.

The Heat Shield: The heat shield is an insulating barrier which prevents over-heating ofyour hands and makes massaging with Thermal Palms extremely comfortable.

Thermal Palms heat shields protect your hands

Cushion and Protect Bone: Massaging on or around the scapula, the sacrum and down along the spine is comfortable and trouble free. You'll never have to worry about hurting your client with a hard stone.

For a Natural Sensation: Thermal Palm's exclusive wrap material provides a smooth satin-like texture against the skin and glides exceptionally well.

Can be Used Over Clothing: The silky Thermal Palm material slides easily over clothing and is perfect for chair massage, Shiatsu and other modalities where the client remains clothed.

Thermal Palms are portable for outcalls

Portable for Housecalls: Prepared and preheated before leaving, Thermal Palms are ready for reheating upon arrival. Compact and lighter than a load of stones.

Simplifies the Treatment Procedure: Thermal Palms can be prepared hours ahead of time and ready for microwave heating moments before a treatment begins. Thermal Palms stay hot in the insulated kit and do not require reheating during use.

Are reusable: The Thermal Palms wraps can be used over and over. When finished your massage, simple discard the contents and toss the wrap in with your regular laundry.


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Thermal Palm Massage is easy to learn. Take a look through this site and when you're ready to start, order this value priced package that contains everything you need to get started and certifies you as Thermal Palms practitioner. Buy the package today and save $100.

Kits and training are not currently available for sale. Supplies can still be ordered.


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"Just what I was looking for to save my body, supplement my services and differentiate my practice from my competitors."

- Suanne Morris, Carrboro, North Carolina, USA

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